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Lockdown life with 2 monkeys... Snacks, fights, poop hands, shoes and wine!

13 Aug 2020

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As some of you will know, I like to keep it real. Yes I train 90% of my time, yes I’m dedicated to the fitness world and practice what I preach…but I’m also a real life mum, winging it whenever I need to! If this gives anyone that’s having a crappy day a bit of a titter or make them feel better, then the jobs done! Aimee x
How many of you during lockdown have heard the phrase ‘can I have another snack’?! Maybe not in those exact words but something along the lines of grunts, cries, moans and groans. Week1 lockdown I bet it was ‘not before your lunch, or not until you’ve finished your schoolwork’.. then week13 hits and all toddlers, cats, dogs and most likely you have wrappers and ice lolly sticks flying out of everywhere! Snacks in my house were used for so many different reasons in so many different ways! To defuse another potential melt down or another fight over toys! Or simply because the thought of making yet another meal made you want to cry! (This is where I salute all the stay at home mums!) How do these tiny, slightly annoying people eat so much food!! Not to mention the amount of juice that HAS to be in a certain cup otherwise the mother of all tantrums will arrive! Because the big cup with the blue lid and green base makes the juice so much nicer than the same cup with the pink lid and purple base!! Save me now…

The mess just seemed to get worse as the weeks went on. The different pairs of shoes that I would find EVERYWHERE that seemed to have lost their match. The washing… oh don’t talk about the washing! It got to the point that the piles of clothes darted about the house looked like I was getting ready to open up a new clothing store. One that specialised in mismatched socks and shoes! Maybe because the puppy (aka horse) was partial to a few socks now and then.. just to add more mayhem to my life, the vet had a few visits!
I know everyone has had their good days and their bad days and I’m sure we all coped in different ways. However I know that some weeks were better than others! Drinking wine on a Tuesday, probably a Wednesday, sometimes a Thursday and definitely a Friday helped me get across the bedtime finish line! When you used to panic if anyone saw you even near an off license on a Tuesday, during lockdown it was like meeting all the mums at school! Instead of ‘how’s work going, how’s Lily getting on with those flamin Phonics’ it would be ‘oh have you tried this bottle yet, it goes great with those crisps you recommended!’
As always the exercise was there, every single day, 2-3 times a day! The LIVE fitness classes was such a great idea to start when you’re at home by yourself with a 5 year old, 2 year old and a horse as a puppy (dulux dog). Snacks and ipads were used A LOT after the first few LIVE classes where I literally wanted to hide away in front of 150 odd mums! Between Jack waving his poop covered hands at me as I was teaching burpees, kicking the fireplace off the wall during mountain climbers (whilst blaming Jack) and the mother of all tantrums… my mums got more than they paid for!! These were probably the days that I went to see my friends at the off license!
Lockdown for all of us will have had its highs and lows and I’m sure we’ve learnt so much about ourselves, in good ways and bad. But I know I’ll only look back on all of these memories and hopefully cherish them forever… even the poop hands!! 


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