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All About Catriona!

02 Aug 2021

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Well lads what about ya’s?!

I'm Catriona the newest member of the Bodyfit Mums team! Aimee thought it was about time that I introduced myself properly! Get the Kleenex out, this might get emotional!

I'm 31 years old and married to Dee. We have 2 children Ryan (12) and Rose (2). Dee works away during the week and comes home at the weekend. It’s manic throughout the week for me, but the minute he lands I clock off until Monday morning! Miss Rose only has eyes for her daddy when he’s about (typical, yet great in this case! Lol)

For the last 10 years, health and fitness has been everything to me! I am such a gym bunny, loving nothing more than sticking the head phones on and challenging myself to lift as heavy as I can...nothing makes you feel more badass than showing yourself YOU CAN DO IT!! I self-taught myself everything! Spending my evenings researching exercises and learning how to get stronger and develop a muscley can't beat a good back or a perky peach hi!

For years I knew I wanted to have a career in fitness and was told all the time I should become a PT, but I never found my calling! I begrudgingly stayed in my civil servant job slogging day in day out and kept the fitness as a hobby.

In 2018 we got married and I fell pregnant. I promised myself I would have an active pregnancy this time round! I put my passion of researching into practice and devised a plan for myself to follow over the next 9 months. Whilst pregnant, I heard about BFM through some of my friends and I always remember saying “when I have my baby I am going to go there!”. I’ll be honest, I didn’t actually sign up for the exercise! It was more for the social aspect and the positive mental health. I had suffered post-natal depression (PND) after I had Ryan and I was determined to do everything I could to stop that from creeping in again!

I joined BFM as a participant on 16th September 2019 the day after my 30th birthday, little did I know just how life changing this would turn out to be. Aimee probably thought I was the know-it-all swat lol but I just loved the classes and the education and wanted to know more, do better and help my group (breath Catriona, can you tell I'm getting excited reminiscing about it?! haha). It sounds so cheesy but I have never felt something calling me so much in all my life! I joined to meet people and do some exercise but what I got was friendships, encouragement, empowerment and so much more. To cut a long story short the second week into BFM I knew this is where I was supposed to be, I knew I had found home!!

I never forget the day I was standing with a few of the mums in my group and we were talking about returning to work, I felt sick to my stomach at the thought of returning. One of the girls asked me if you could do anything in the world what would you do? I actually said it out loud “THIS” (I feel SICK even writing this lol) Aimee heard it and she jokingly said “you can come do evening classes sure?!”Well here.. I internally summersaulted and danced my way through the rest of that class, I was just BUZZING over that one line!!

Fast forward a few days and I thought right.. I am going grab my big girl pants, hitch them up and I am going to text Aimee... I have NEVER EVER EVEERRRR felt as sick in my life when I hit that send button. I must have stared at my WhatsApp to see her open it and near died when those blue ticks appeared and then she started typing... holy lord above my stomach was in my mouth!

 The relief I felt when Aimee replied and said that she wanted to chat to me! I was BESIDE myself.. this wasn’t in my head at all! She had seen something in me, she had recognised my passion and desire for all things BFM! But most importantly.. Aimee believed I could do it!! Anyone knows that when you join BFM, something changes in you. That new fire in your belly and the belief that you CAN actually do something! The determination and empowerment that you get from everyone in the BFM community really is something else!!

Fast forward a few months and COVID hit. I used it as an opportunity to get myself professionally qualified and I completed everything I needed to move forward. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade ehhhh?! Gyms eventually reopened and I finally got to do my practical assessment with the help of the main women herself.  Aimee was my practical client and my son Ryan was our camera man. I still laugh when I think about it as Aimee did have to give Ryan some angle tips! But it makes it all so much more meaningful to me! I'd say the examiner got some good views of the ole trainers every now and then when Ryan got a bit fed up! (Big up the Reebok Nano love, if ya know ya know lol)

I haven’t looked back since January 2021. We hugged, signed and sealed my new position! It was now OFFICIAL and I joined the best company ever! I can safely say I have found my calling; I love my job! Like how UNREAL is it that I go to bed on a Sunday excited for my Monday in work! But most importantly, I get join this BFM journey and experience with Aimee the Queen of the ship. She is the best teacher, mentor and friend anyone could ask for...


If you made it to the end of that, then well done lads! That was like a mental endurance test in itself!! ;-)

I can’t wait to share the next part of my BFM chapter with you all!

Love Cat x

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