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A specifically designed Postnatal fitness programme that has been created by mums, for mums!

As busy mums we can often forget about doing something ourselves, or making time for ourselves! That’s why the Bodyfit Mums at home Postnatal programme has been created with that in mind! A step by step programme that has been carefully designed to ensure that our mums are moving everyday. With our quick, yet effective workouts, nutritional advice, walking plan and core retraining programme…the results will speak for themselves!! It’s the perfect place to start for those who are complete beginners to fitness or those who are starting back to fitness!

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Is Postnatal
for you?

Once you’re postnatal, you’re always postnatal! Whether you’re a mum with a young baby or a mum with teenagers, there’s no time like the present to make the start in doing something for you! We just ask that you are 6 weeks post natural birth or 10 weeks post caesarean section, all with GP clearance before starting the programme.

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Post Natal Fitness Programme bodyfit mums

What’s included


Step by step 6 week programme, 3 workouts a week and walking plan.

content on demand

Complete all workouts in your own time, at a time that suits YOU!

core retraining

6 week core retraining programme, caters for mums with Diastasis Recti and/or pelvic health issues.

workouts for all abilities

Gradual intensity and complexity of all workouts, caters for all fitness and ability levels! Lower or higher intensity options available too.

Technique Sessions

Technique sessions available before every workout

Nutritional Therapist

Nutritional support package and recipe book devised by our Nutritional therapist, Claire Meakin. Including advise on food for breast feeding, lack of sleep, hormonal changes etc.

Physiotherapy support

Women’s health Physiotherapy support and guidance from our in house physiotherapists Laura Forker, Physiofem and Grainne Donnelly, Absolute Physio.

24-7 Support

Access to all additional support on social media platforms where special LIVE Q&A Chats from all trainers and health experts.

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All programmes are purchased as a 6 week programme. Programmes will however be accessible for 10 weeks from the date of purchase. No extensions possible.

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